Bachelor’s degree, Specialist’s degree, Master’s degree

Bachelor’s degree

01.03.01 Mathematics

01.03.02 Applied Mathematics and Informatics

02.03.02 Fundamental Informatics and Information Technology

03.03.02 Physics  

04.03.01 Chemistry

05.03.02 Geography

05.03.06 Ecology and Natural Resources Management

06.03.01 Biology:

Profile: Biomedicine

Profile: Microbiology

06.03.02 Soil Sciences          

07.03.01 Architecture:

Profile: Architectural design

Profile: Building design

07.03.04 Urban development

08.03.01 Construction

09.03.01 Information and computer science

09.03.02 Information systems and technologies

09.03.03 Applied Informatics:

Profile: Applied Informatics in Economics

Profile: Intelligent data processing

09.03.04 Software Engineering        

10.03.01 Information Security

11.03.01 Radio engineering  

11.03.02 Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems

11.03.03 Design and Technology of Electronic Means

12.03.01 Instrument Engineering     

12.03.04 Bioengineering Systems and Technologies 

13.03.02 Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering

15.03.04 Automation of Technological Processes and Productions           

15.03.05 Design and Technological Support of Machine-Building Productions

15.03.06 Mechatronics and Robotics           

19.03.01 Biotechnology

19.03.02 Food of Plant Origin

19.03.03 Food of Animal Origin

19.03.04 Technological Process and Catering Arrangement

20.03.01 Technospheric Security:

 Profile: Health and Safety in Technosphere

 Profile: Environmental Engineering Safety

23.03.01 Technology of transport processes

23.03.02 Land Transport and Technological Vehicles

23.23.03 Operation of Transport and Technological Vehicles and Systems

27.03.02 Quality Control

27.03.04 Management in Engineering Systems

29.03.01 Technology of Light Industry Products

29.03.05 Product Design in Light Industry  

36.03.01 Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise

37.03.01 Psychology

37.03.02 Conflictology

38.03.01 Economics:

 Profile: General Profile

 Profile: Finance and Credit

 Profile: Accounting, Analysis and Audit

 Profile: Tax Management and Consulting

38.03.02 Management:

 Profile: Project management

 Profile: Corporate Management 

38.03.03 Personnel Management

38.03.04 State and Municipal Management

38.03.05 Business Informatics

38.03.06 Trading business

38.03.07 Merchandizing

39.03.01 Sociology

39.03.02 Social Work

39.03.03 Organization of Work with Youth

40.03.01 Jurisprudence

41.03.01 Foreign Studies

41.03.04 Political Science

42.03.01 Advertising and Public Relations

42.22.02 Journalism

43.31.01 Service

43.03.02 Tourism

43.03.03 Hotel Management

44.03.01 Pedagogical Education:

 Profile: Physical Educatoin

 Profile: Pre-school Education

 Profile: Primary Education

44.03.02 Psychological and Pedagogical Education:

 Profile: Educational Psychology

 Profile: Psychology and Pedagogy of Preschool Education

 Profile: Psychology and Pedagogy of Primary Education

 Profile: Practical Psychology in Education

44.03.03 Speech Pathology Education

 Profile: Speech Training

Profile: Preschool Defectology

44.03.04 Professional training (discipline-specific)

 Profile: Economics and management

 Profile: Food Products and Consumer Goods Manufacture

 Profile: Agroengineering

44.03.05 Pedagogical education (with two training profiles)

 Profile: Foreign language (first) and Foreign language (second)

 Profile: Pre-school education and Additional education

 Profile: Mathematics and Physics

 Profile: Chemistry and Health and Safety

Profile: Biology and Geography

Profile: Russian Language and Literature

Profile: Technology and Economics

Profile: Primary education and Russian Language

Profile: History and Social Studies

Profile: Visual Arts and Additional Education

45.03.01 Philology

45.03.02 Linguistics

Profile: Theory and Methodology of Teaching Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures

Profile: Translation and Translation Studies

46.03.01 History

46.03.02 Archives and Records Management

46.03.03 Anthropology and Ethnology

47.03.01 Philosophy

48.03.01 Theology

49.03.01 Physical Education

49.03.02 Physical Education for People with Disabilities in the State of Health (Adapted Physical Education)

54.03.01 Design

54.03.02 Decorative and applied arts and crafts

54.03.03 Art of costume and textiles

Specialist’s Degree

 23.05.01 Land Transport and Technological Means

31.05.01 Medical treatment

31.05.02 Pediatrics

31.05.03 Dentistry

33.05.01 Pharmacy

38.05.01 Economic security

38.05.02 Customs

44.05.01 Pedagogy and psychology of deviant behavior

54.05.02 Painting

54.05.03 Graphics

54.05.04 Sculpture

 Master's Degree 

01.04.01  Mathematics

01.04.02 Applied Mathematics and Informatics

03.04.02 Physics

04.04.01 Chemistry

Profile: Analytical Chemistry

Profile: Pharmaceutical Chemistry

05.04.02 Geography

05.04.06 Ecology and Natural Resources Management

06.04.01 Biology

Profile: Biotechnology

Profile: Medical and Life Science

Profile: Invertebrate Zoology

Profile: Plant Physiology

06.04.02 Soil Sciences

07.04.01 Architecture

08.04.01 Construction

Profile: Designing, Construction and Reconstruction of Buildings and Facilities

Profile: Construction and Technical Expertise and Property Management

Profile: Operation Practice of Housing and Utility Complex

Profile: Engineering, Construction and Operation of Highways

09.04.03 Applied Informatics:

Profile: Enterprise Software

Profile: Applied Informatics in Analytical Economics

09.04.04 Software Engineering        

11.04.03 Design and Technology of Electronic Means 

12.04.01 Instrument Engineering                 

12.04.04 Bioengineering Systems and Technologies 

13.04.02 Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering

15.04.01 Mechanical Engineering

15.04.02 Technological Machines and Equipment

15.04.04 Automation of Technological Processes and Productions                       

15.04.05 Design and Technological Support of Machine-Building Productions

15.04.06 Mechatronics and Robotics

19.04.01 Biotechnology

19.04.02 Food of Plant Origin

19.04.03 Food of Animal Origin

19.04.04 Technological Process and Catering Arrangement

20.04.01 Technospheric Security

23.04.01 Technology of transport processes

Profile: Logistics and Vehicular Transportation Management

23.04.02 Land Transport and Technological Vehicles

23.04.03 Operation of Transport and Technological Vehicles and Systems

27.04.02 Quality Control      

27.04.04 Management in Engineering Systems       

27.04.05 Innovation Studies

29.04.05 Product Design in Light Industry 

37.04.01 Psychology

37.04.02 Conflictology

38.04.01 Economics:

Profile: Tax Consulting

Profile: Accounting, Analysis and Control

Profile: Real Estate Economics

38.04.02 Management:

Profile: Financial Management

Profile: General and Strategic Management

38.04.03 Personnel Management

38.04.04 State and Municipal Management

38.04.05 Business Informatics

38.04.06 Trading business

38.04.07 Merchandizing

38.04.08 Finance and Credit

38.04.09 Public Audit

39.04.01 Sociology

39.04.02 Social Work

39.04.03 Organization of Work with Youth

40.04.01 Jurisprudence

Profile: State and Legal Affairs

Profile: Civic Right and Proceedings

Profile: Criminal Law and Proceedings       

41.04.01 Foreign Studies

41.04.02 Russian Studies  

41.04.04 Political Science

42.04.01 Advertising and Public Relations

42.04.02 Journalism  

42.04.03 Publishing Business

43.04.01 Service

43.04.02 Tourism

43.04.03 Hotel Management

44.04.01 Pedagogical Education:

Profile: Education in the field of foreign language and foreign culture

Profile: Literary education

Profile: Physical Education and Sports

Profile: Innovative Technologies of Creative Development of Preschool Children

Profile: Mathematical Education

Profile: Theory and Methodology of Primary Education

Profile: Language Education

Profile: Natural Science Education

44.04.02 Psychological and Pedagogical Education

Profile: Innovative Management in Preschool Education

Profile: Psychological Counseling in Education

Profile: Management of Social and Pedagogical Activity

Profile: Social Psychology in Education

44.04.03 Speech Pathology Education

44.04.04 Professional training (discipline-specific)

45.04.01 Philology

Profile: Forensic Linguistics

 Profile: Russian literature

45.04.02 Linguistics

46.04.01 History

46.04.02 Archives and Records Management

46.04.03 Anthropology and Ethnology

47.04.01 Philosophy

47.04.02 Applied Ethics

47.04.03 Religious studies

48.04.01 Theology

49.04.03 Sports

50.04.01 Arts and Humanities

51.04.03 Social and Cultural Activities

51.04.06 Library and Information Activities

54.04.01 Design

54.04.02 Decorative and applied arts and crafts