Organisational structure of an educational work at the university

The supervision system of an educational work ensures a successful solution of educational tasks. The system is comprised of several levels.

An academic council of the university determines perspectives and the program of an educational development, the focus of value-based principles of their implementation, the formation of an integral educational space for staff members, fundamentals, methods and modes of cooperation between teachers and students, the support and development of initiatives, novel ideas in the field of education of the staff.

Presidentship coordinates the activities of structures on educational problems of the university, faculties and departments; it contributes to the creation of new forms of organisation, operating procedures and educational non-governmental organisations.

Pro-rector for educational work and youth policy carries out an operative administration of the university educational activity. The position of the pro-rector for educational work was added into the organisational structure of the university in 2005. From then onward the pro-rector and his staff directly have been performing the overall coordination of all university subdivisions, which are involved in extra-mural activities, including individual initiatives, events and projects of students’ unions.

The position of an adviser to the rector in the youth policy’s issues was added into the organisational structure of the university in December 2013. His administrative functions include the assistance of the students’ unions activities, an organisation of participation of students into federal and regional programmes of the state youth policy and all-Russian youth forums.

The department on educational work was created in the Orel state university in summer 2014 and then it was reorganised into the Board on educational work and the youth projects in March 2016. The main areas of activity of the board:

  • to work and prepare projects of university local normative acts, which specify the organisation of educational work at the university;

  • to provide an advanced and current planning of the educational process at the faculties and Orel state university as a whole;

  • to develop proposals and recommendations on the system development of educational activities, its funding and staff assistance, the preparation of respective methodology and regulatory documentation;

  • to assist in the organisation of students’ unions and to coordinate their activities, which aids the working of the student government system;

  • to monitor systematically the conditions of social and educational work, to register its results in practice;

  • to take part in activities on preventive actions in violation of laws, the spread of drug addiction, HIV infections and tobacco smoking at the students’ environment;

  • to assist and advance the activities of students’ task units;

  • to assist the physical fitness and sports promotion at the university, the promotion of healthy lifestyle, carrying out sports events at the university;

  • to organise work with students to solve social issues;

  • to organise meetings, talks, lectures at the faculties and dormitories within focal areas of educational work;

  • to organise and control preventive measures on breach of the peace, dormitory rules, internal rules of conduct at the Orel state university;

  • to hold seminars and meetings of “A” grade students and winners of competitions to exchange ideas on the organisation of teaching and educational process at the OSU;

  • to encourage students, who distinguished themselves in cultural, creative and sports activities and actively participate in a social life of the Orel state university;

  • to assist non-governmental organisations, community services, social associations in an organisation of leisure time for students at the Orel state university;

  • to perform arrangements and to help in an implementation of development initiatives of a student government (monitors’ union, student council), students’ social associations, creative teams and other subdivisions;

  • to analyse psychosocial problems of the student community, to organise work on psychological, wellness follow-up and legal support of a teaching process, counselling assistance;

  • to call for research and development, opinion polls within topical issues of students’ education;

  • to introduce into the social and educational process the results of scientific and sociological researches and the experience of the activities of the OSU faculties and other universities of the Russian Federation;

  • to organise and hold university activities, to help the university student bodies to participate in the events, which are carried out by interuniversity unions that work with students;

  • to cooperate with all divisions of the university at solving issues of the educational work;

  • a methodological support of curators’ activities;

  • to contribute suggestions on professional advancement of the higher-educational teaching personnel in education, the organisation of seminars, training, conferences on the corresponding subject;

  • to organise seminars, training and lectures to deepen knowledge and skills of self-administration of the student bodies, to assist in conducting discussions on different aspects of a student government.

The Board on social and educational work is a part of the organisational structure of an educational work. The main tasks of the Board:

  • to perfect the university socio-cultural environment;

  • to coordinate social and educational work;

  • to protect students’ socioeconomic rights;

  • to guarantee an integrated nature of teaching and educational process;

  • to advance an educational work at the university;

  • to develop theoretic, methodological and methodic regulations on an educational work at the university;

  • to prepare and submit to the academic council a package programme for education of students, to control the implementation of plans.