The procedure and conditions for foreign students entry into the Russian Federation

Algorithm for foreign students entry to Russia in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic





 10 days before arrival in the Russian Federation,  international students must  notified the University by           e-mail:

  • on the date of entry to the Russian Federation;
  • the Border Inspection Post through which they are going to enter the Russian Federation;
  • visa number.



  Receive a letter on the letterhead paper from the University with a permit to enter the territory of the Russian Federation.

   Print the received permission letter for presentation at the border                                                                                                           



 Take PCR COVID-19 test no earlier than 72 hours before  arrival and print a text about a negative test result with translation into Russian or English.

 Take the document with the test results, translated into Russian or English, with you.

 If the result is positive, international students should stay at home.



 Arrive in the Russian Federation and reach Orel no later than within 24 hours



 Arrive in Orel and immediately go to the University Clinic at the address: Orel,Krasin st., 3, - for accommodation and self-isolation.



 The second PCR COVID-19 test is taken at the University Clinic no later than 72 hours after arrival in the Russian Federation. The test is taken at the expense of the foreign student.


Submit your documents to the staff of the Sector for Passport and Visa Control and Support for registration.





Students purchase medical insurance policy if they have not purchased it in advance.



 Wait for test results.

 If the test is negative, students receive a certificate signed by the Head Physician of the University Clinic.

 The certificate is the basis for admission to full-time studies.



 Students present certificates confirming two negative COVID-19 test results at the Dean's Office of the Faculty / Directorate of the Institute, at the place of study.

 Check in to the dormitory or in an apartment (hotel) and registered at the place of actual residence

 During classes, follow sanitary standards and keep a safe social distance.




  If there are signs of respiratory diseases, students are not allowed to attend classes.

 In case of deteriorating health, students should ask for medical help at the University clinic or the medical service by phone: 103 or 112 (have a VHI policy with you).