Sport club

Berestov Alexey, director

tel: 8-962-481-32-22


Bornyakov Alexey, vice director

tel: 8-962-481-32-22


Lutoshkina Irina, administrator

tel: 8-953-613-90-99



Nowadays, students’ sports clubs, which are organised at the universities and comprise both mass sport, elite sport and a circumsport life, gain in their popularity. To achieve its aims in the development of a mass students’ sport, promotion of healthy lifestyles and solving its tasks, the sports club works in four directions:

  • sports section activities;
  • participation in students’ competitions and their running on its basis;
  • development of elite sport at the university and in the region;
  • circum-sport activity.

Sports section activities are one of the basic directions of the sports club work. First and foremost, it is a healthy lifestyle promotion among students, a sports popularisation at the university, the discovery and support of the talented youth. Sports section activities can be divided into 3 directions: sections of university picked teams, students’ sports sections and sections for staff members and teachers.

Sporting competitions are one of the most efficient kinds to organise the mass health and sports promotion. Competitions are both a form and a mean to activate students’ general physical culture and athletic performance. Sports club work, which is related to students’ competitions, can be divided gradationally into the following sublevels:

  • in-house competitions;
  • regional competitions;
  • all-Russian competitions;
  • international student’s competitions.  

Students’ sport in the Russian Federation gathers pace and a lot of attention is paid to elite sport at the universities. Today some students’ teams are as strong as professional players’ teams. For example, women’s futsal team participates in the Major League of the championship in the Russian Federation and competes together with professionals of Russian futsal. The university korfball select team has been for many years a base team for the Russian Federation national team. Women’s volleyball team has also several times defeated professional teams from the Major League of Championship in the Russian Federation at the Russian Volleyball Cup. Men’s university football team’ players successfully represent both the Orel region and the Russian Federation at large-scale international students’ competitions. The team coach is one of the candidates to be included on the staff of the national university team, the players regularly coopt  FC “Oryol”. Men’s university basketball team always packs the house of the biggest regional sports arena at its games.

The development of the university sports camp thrusts forward the evolvement of sport at the university. Further development of the infrastructure will allow the university not only to be among the most sport-oriented students’ centres in the Central Federal District but to become one of the biggest platforms in the country. It will lead to the attraction of major sports events in the country and, as a result, the increase of a tourist flow and the region’s investment attractiveness in the country and over the sea.