Distant technologies

The Electronic Distance Learning System (ESDL) is intended for implementation at the University of Electronic Learning (EL) using distance learning technologies (DET) for the main educational programs of higher education:

- undergraduate programs;

- specialty programs;

- master's programs.

At the University, EE and DOT are used during training sessions, practices, ongoing monitoring of progress, and intermediate certification of students.

The main types of educational work using EE and DOT in ESDO are:

- independent work of the student, including work (offline and online) with the content of electronic educational and methodological complexes (EUMK), including networked or offline multimedia electronic textbooks and workshops, completing individual homework, course projects (works);

- lectures (offline and online);

- practical and laboratory classes (offline and online), including computer or virtual laboratory workshops;

- seminars (online);

- individual and group consultations (online);

- current monitoring of progress and intermediate certification (online).

The main objectives of the ESDO are:

- expanding the scope of application of EO and DOT in the implementation of EP;

- increasing the competitiveness of EP;

- improving the quality of educational services by improving electronic educational resources;

- expanding the geography of providing educational services, including through entering the markets of near and far abroad;

- attracting highly qualified personnel to implement the educational program.

ESDO provides personalized access to the educational educational system, stores all the results of students’ educational activities, and provides an opportunity for interaction between participants in the educational process.

At the same time, ESDS ensures that students master educational programs regardless of their location.

Electronic distance learning system:

Student login.

Teacher login.

Reference Information:

User's guide to working in the electronic distance learning system.

Teacher's guide to working in an electronic distance learning system.

Attention! For technical support questions, write to ivzo-orel@yandex.ru In the letter, please indicate your full last name, first name, patronymic and the name of the advanced training program or area of training, then describe the problem that has arisen.