Sound house

Since 2015 the recording studio has been functioning at the Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev. As of today there are provided at the university all necessary materials and technical equipment for a successful organisation of rehearsals, concerts and sound recordings for students. There are also created new performance groups, who are an integral part of a sociocultural life of the university. There are also held university, city and regional creative activities at a high artistic level and in a popular framework, and there also instrumental and performance companies participate.

Last year there was implemented a project “Talant”(“Talent”) at the studio, where, with the help of professional selection and viewers’ votes, was organised the festival of on-stage performance groups of the university in two categories: vocal and instrumental performance. This project gave an impulse to the process of formation of a perspective expert both as a skilled practitioner and a highly intellectual personality and a cultural leader.