Volunteer Resource Center

The Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) was created in 2014 on the basis of Orel State University




The Volunteer Resource Center of OSU named after I.S. Turgenev is a member of the Association of Volunteer Centers of Russia.
In its activities, the VRC adheres to the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated December 27, 2018 N 2950-r "On approval of the Concept for the development of volunteerism (volunteering) in the Russian Federation until 2025"
The Volunteer Resource Center is a structural subdivision of the Directorate for Educational Work of Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev, created for the purpose of organizing and coordinating educational work at the University, as well as pursuing a unified youth policy by supporting student organizations, initiatives, projects and talented students.

The main objectives of the Center are:

- conducts research, monitoring, develops analytical materials in order to identify problems and needs in the field of volunteer development;
- improves the competencies of participants in the volunteer movement, including employees of authorities and government agencies, NGOs and commercial organizations through educational programs and methodological support;
- organizes interaction between volunteers and organizations;
- provides premises for volunteers and organizations (coworking);
- develops a system of non-material incentives for participants in volunteer activities;
- provides information support for the activities of volunteer organizations/associations and projects;
- develops mechanisms for involving youth and citizens in volunteer activities;
- advises on issues aimed at solving the problems of volunteers and volunteer organizations;
- represents the interests of volunteer organizations and volunteers at various venues: public councils, commissions, government agencies and other structures;
- maintains a register and database in the field of volunteerism, including using the UIS “Volunteers of Russia”;
- implements projects and programs on the regional agenda, as well as interacts with the Association of Volunteer Centers and other federal structures.

The Volunteer Resource Center invites everyone to take part in various volunteer activities:

- event volunteering, support of events, festivals, rallies, forums

- social volunteering (help for the elderly, children, social services at home, social services for the population))

- environmental volunteering (environmental education, environmental activities, assistance in restoring natural ecosystems, events to organize separate waste collection)

- volunteering in education and outreach (mentoring, tutoring, school volunteering, participation in educational programs and projects in schools and universities)

- media volunteering (working as a photographer, videographer, correspondent in the field of event coverage)

- civil-patriotic volunteering (assistance to WWII and military veterans, improvement of military graves, participation in events dedicated to memorable events in the history of Russia

- volunteering in the healthcare sector, donation, assistance in caring for the sick

- volunteering in the field of physical education and sports during physical education and sports events, events in the field of promoting a healthy lifestyle

- volunteering in the field of culture, assistance in holding public events in the field of culture, for the preservation of cultural heritage sites

- volunteering in emergency response

Director of the Volunteer Resource Center - Bazhenova Elena Evgenievna https://oreluniver.ru/employee/1059

VRC staff: youth work specialists, Anastasia Sinatova, Valeria Lemesheva.

Our contacts: Orel, pl. Kamenskaya, 1 (Fundamental Library), room. 318


e-mail: rcd_ogu57@mail.ru

If you want to take part in volunteer activities, then fill out the Volunteer Form https://clck.ru/35siBC

The Volunteer Resource Center interacts with volunteers of student associations of OSU named after I.S. Turgenev:
- Volunteers of Victory, Volunteers of Archeology, Medical Volunteers of OSU

History of creation. The Volunteer Resource Center was created in 2014 on the basis of OSU named after I.S. Turgenev, initially in the form of the Resource Coordination Center for Volunteer Initiatives, which was founded by university employee Margarita Prokokhina. The center was active in the field of social, patriotic, and silver volunteering. Projects such as “A Future Without Cancer”, “Tea for Three”, “Music Kiosk”, “Life Lifestyle for Grandmothers”, “Teaching Service”, “I’m Just Working as a Magician” were carried out.