Scientific infrastructure






Office of research works

Office director:

Maslova Irina Alekseevna, Doctor of Economics, professor

41-98-28 (2-28)

Naugorskoe shosse, 29

room 167


Office of organizational support of research and development

Office director: Vorobieva Nataliya Yevgenyevna

Senior engineer:

Kozhus Olga Gennadyevna

41-32-95 (6-40)

Naugorskoe shosse, 29

room 169


Department of prospective development of research studies

Senior engineer:

Kanatnikov Nikita Vladimirovich, candidate of technical sciences


Dudina Kristina Eduardovna

41-98-95 (2-95)


Naugorskoe shosse, 29

room 170


Department for scientific events and academic development organisation

Head of the department:

Dudina Elena Fedorovna, candidate of philological sciences

Senior engineer:

Trishkin Andrey Viktorovich

43-53-65 (6-38)

Naugorskoe shosse, 29

room 163


Department of organizational support for the activity of dissertations boards

Senior engineer:

Kolokolova Galina Aleksandrovna

Senior engineer:

Shcherbina Lyudmila Vladimirovna


41-98-19 (2-19)

Naugorskoe shosse, 29

room 226