The educational television studio “Students’ media hub OSU” has been working since 2012.

The job focus of the studio is to train students for a specialised work on the TV broadcast. Not only students of the program track “Journalism” do an introductory and job training in the studio, but also students from other program tracks try prentice hand as projectionists, video supervisors and television presenters. At the end of the study placement, students of the educational studio jog their creative career at the regional TV-channels.

The central area of academic work at the studio is to inform students of by-past actions, up-coming events, scientific, learning and creative activities of the university.

From time to time the educational television studio produces and telecasts through the university local area network and Internet various news items and TV programmes within the brand “OSU TV”.

At the studio, students prepare authorial programmes, which uncover topical issues, which are important for the youth.

The studio prepares and posts on video hosting services public service announcements on healthy lifestyle and the youth vigorous activity.

The educatees of the educational television studio actively participate in different students’ meetings, competitions and festivals.