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You can ask a question, make a proposal, statement, or complaint by sending an email to the rector.

Your request will be processed and forwarded to the responsible person for consideration.

Please carefully read the requirements for the content of the application.

In accordance with Federal Law No. 59-FZ of May 2, 2006 “On the procedure for considering appeals from citizens of the Russian Federation,” the official to whom the appeal is sent has the right to leave it unanswered in the following cases:

- on the issues contained in the appeal, there is a court decision that has entered into legal force;
- the citizen’s appeal contains a question on which he was repeatedly (twice or more) given written answers on the merits in connection with previously sent appeals, and at the same time, the appeal does not present new arguments or circumstances, provided that the -  - specified appeal and previously sent appeals were addressed to the same government body or the same official;
- the appeal contains obscene or offensive expressions, statements containing threats to the life, health and property of an official, as well as members of his family;
- the text of the appeal is not readable;

Attention! Messages of an advertising nature will not be considered.