Students’ communities




There are a large number of student associations at Orel State University named after I. S. Turgenev. Thanks to their work, the lives of university students become brighter and more productive. In this material, OSU press center will briefly talk about each of them.


The Trade Union Committee of OSU students is the largest student organization of our University. More than 98% of all university students are with them. The main attention in the work of the student trade union committee is aimed at upholding, representing and protecting the rights and interests of students.


Tvoy Khod (Your Move) is an All-Russian student project from Rosmolodezh. The project is part of the presidential platform “Russia - a land of opportunities.” You choose your development trajectory and scope of participation.

 ov search squad searches for dead and missing soldiers and officers of the Red Army on the battlefields, preserves and broadcasts historical memory, holds meetings and interactive exhibitions for young people.


The Youth Career Club is a student association that is actively involved in organizing career events at the University. This is a unique opportunity to walk the path to self-development and a successful future together with like-minded people.


The official KVN League of OSU - the union of talented Orel city teams and authors has brought many achievements to the University, from winning leagues in individual regions to participation in the Major KVN League and international championship.

Russian student brigades of Orel region are the largest youth organization in the country, which provides temporary employment for more than 240 thousand young people from 82 regions of the country. RSO is not only work. This is a lot of positive emotions, interesting events, the opportunity to learn a new profession, visit different parts of our country and gain a students brigade family.

TourLiga MABIV of OSU is a student sports and tourism club and is part of the structure of the Interregional Academy of Safety and Survival (MABIV). The OSU Tour Club organizes and conducts autonomous educational and health hikes, research and extreme expeditions.

The student club “Green Economy” is engaged in the formation of the environmental consciousness of young people by disseminating knowledge about the green economy, sustainable development goals and increasing the educational, expert and organizational role of the University in solving regional problems.


Intellectual Games Club - admission to the Club is open not only to students of OSU named after I. S. Turgenev, but also to postgraduate students, alumnus, students of other educational institutions, friends, relatives and acquaintances of the Club members.

 Student rescue team “Rescuer”(Spasatel') - the team’s activities are carried out on the basis of an agreement between OSU named after I. S. Turgenev and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for Orel region. SSO "Spasatel" teaches first aid, trains how to act in emergencies, ensures safety at public events, conducts preventive measures for public safety, and teaches other useful skills as part of volunteering in emergencies.

Association of Student Dormitory Councils. In order to make life in the dormitories as interesting and comfortable as possible, student councils operate on each campus. They organize events, control living conditions, and also closely interact with the administration of the students dormitories.


OSU Student Sports Club | SSK "Orel57". The main activity of the club is organizing and holding sports events for students. He is also part of the large family of the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia. Conducts and organizes various sports, entertainment and educational events for students.

Student Scientific Society of OSU named after I.S. Turgenev is a mass public organization that, on a voluntary basis, unites students who have shown a penchant for independent creative research activities, as well as postgraduate students and teachers.

Student club “I am a manager!”  As part of the club, students discover their leadership abilities to comprehensively shape themselves as future leaders, and also engage in the development of personal and professional growth goals under the strict guidance of club mentors.

The anti-drug club “Healthy Generation” is engaged in comprehensive prevention and promotion of schoolchildren and students to a healthy lifestyle, education of the legal aspects of various offenses, dissemination of knowledge about the dangers of drug addiction, substance abuse and alcoholism for life and health.

RAVAGE • Student eSports Club is a topical association of our University students interested in computer sports. Organizes large-scale eSports events. During their training, the guys gained experience in organizing a huge number of competitions and are now ready to use it to make the lives of our students better.

The OSU Sports Club is working to develop mass student sports and popularize a healthy lifestyle. On the basis of the Sports Club at the University, university sports teams have been created in the following team sports: football, mini-football, basketball, volleyball. SC also works with individual athletes.

The IPiP(Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology) Student Club is a team-minded group of students that brings bright colors to the student life of our students. The main goal of the Сlub is to hold a large number of different events in which students of all courses and directions take part.

“Youth Consultant” is a student society that helps young ambitious students realize themselves in various spheres of society. “Youth Consultant” was also created to inform students about social programs and projects operating in the territory not only of Orуl region, but throughout Russia as a whole.

The OSU Student Media Service has been operating since 2017. The work includes various areas where everyone can find application and fulfillment: photography; video; design; copywriting; SMM.

The media service team is trying to make student life brighter and more interesting by creating useful content and covering the activities of the Trade Union Committee of OSU students.

The team is trained at a three-day activist school and at off-site events.

The Student Center for Talented Youth is an association within the University’s Center for Culture and Aesthetic Education. Its goal is to organize and conduct extracurricular work on the aesthetic education of students, as well as to promote the formation of creative activity of the teaching staff, employees and students of the University. It includes the Yuventa folk theater and the Kalambur theater studio, vocal and dance groups of the University, and the art photography studio Vzglyad.

The student association “Public Order Keeping Group” was created to protect public order at the University, at events, as well as to prevent crime among students.

The student club “Young Entrepreneurs” was created on the basis of the Institute of Economics and Management. His tasks include: creating a positive image of an entrepreneur among young people; development of students' leadership skills, ability to work in an independently created team, practical business communication skills; development of entrepreneurial thinking among participants, etc.

The student association “Architectural and Urban Heritage” is engaged in the preservation and transformation of religious and civil buildings and complexes. The guys conduct an analysis of objects, including a historical review, landscape-visual and compositional analysis. And on the basis of these data, proposals are put forward for the reconstruction of buildings and structures, the possible installation of small architectural forms and the general concept of improvement of the near-by territories of the objects in question in order to recreate and continue life processes, revitalize objects of the historical architectural environment.

The student club “Ecology and Safety” helps improve the quality of training of qualified personnel, preserve scientific potential and create conditions for the development of scientific creativity of students, their integration into the scientific and educational space. This student association is interested in carrying out scientific research in the field of environmental and technospheric safety, therefore its main activity is theoretical and experimental research related to monitoring the environmental and industrial environment. The guys are also developing simple solutions for security systems for the human environment.