Student's polyclinic

 The student’s polyclinic of the federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education “Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev” is a multifunctional medical and preventives subdivision of the university. It acts upon the license for medical care, issued by the regional office of the Federal Supervision Agency for Health Care in Orel region of 29.12.2016 FA 57-01-000500, without limit in time. The student’s polyclinic arranges and implements:

  • outpatient care, including as a day patient department mode, counselling and diagnostic support for students, teaching personnel and university staff members;

  • pre-doctor and medical care, according to the present license for medical care;

  • specialised medical aid according to the main specialities and supply for diagnostic tests according to the appointment card of the consulting physician, including from other healthcare organisations;

  • pre-trip and post-trip medical checks of mechanical transport drivers;

  • medical care during sports events, conducted in the university;

  • thorough medical examinations of students-sportsmen;

  • preventive, preliminary, periodic medical examinations;

  • preventive activities for reduction of the sick-rate, detection of early and latent forms of diseases, socially significant diseases and risk factors;

  • recreation activities, medically induced and drug-free management of risk factors, dispensary observation of individuals with a high risk of the progression of inveterate noncontagious diseases and their complications;

  • activities on a healthy lifestyle promotion, including a nutrition education, inquiries on an increase of motion activities, prevention of psychoactive drugs use (alcohol, tobacco, drugs);

  • epidemiology, immunisations;

  • medical care at mass cultural events, conducted at the university;

  • monitoring students’ health.

The student’s polyclinic:

  • provides an ingoing monitoring of the health state of students, teaching personnel and university staff members;

  • implements sanitary and preventive measures and recreation activities, training and education in the field of health protection;

  • observes state health and hygiene rules and standards;

  • performs refundable recreation and medical services to natural and legal persons.

The student’s polyclinic has available:

  • medicative resources, which includes a day hospital, imaging and medical rooms, doctors’ consulting rooms, medical rooms of sports facilities, health centres, medical devices, medical products and medications;

  • material and technical resources, which consist of staff rooms, back offices, utility spaces, equipment, motor transports. The student’s polyclinic work is based on shift working hours, which helps to deliver health care throughout a working day.

302001, Orel, Krasina str., 3 (student’s polyclinic)

From Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 7 pm, without breaks, days-off: Saturday, Sunday, tel.: (4862) 43-49-25;

302020, Orel, Naugorskoe str., 29a (health care centre)

From Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4:30 pm, without breaks, days-off: Saturday, Sunday, tel.: (4862) 76-17-90;

302020, Orel, Skvortsova str, 5 (Medical room in a sports complex)

From Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4:30 pm, without breaks, days-off: Saturday, Sunday, tel.: (4862) 41-98-68;

302020, Orel Skvortsova str, 5 (Medical room in a swimming pool)

From 7 am to 10:30 pm, without breaks and days-off, tel.: (4862) 41-50-65;

303030, Mtsensk, Turgeneva str., 200 (Medical room in an ice rink)

From 7 am to 12 pm, without breaks and days-off, tel.: (48646) 3-00-90;

302531, Orel region, Orel district, village Zelenyi shum, 25 (Healthcare centre in a recreation camp)

24 hours a day, according to the arrival schedule, tel. +79066649944.

The specialists receive patients according to the following specialities: general medicine, neurology, ophthalmology, dermatovenerology, psychiatrics, narcology, occupational pathology, sports medicine and exercise therapy, stomatology. In the student’s polyclinic, there area clinical laboratory, ultrasonic diagnosis room, physiotherapeutic and massage rooms, baths, exercise therapy gym, procedure units, x-ray room (stomatological).

University students receive a non-repayable pre-doctor care only on orders of the student’s polyclinic doctors. The medical treatment, including medical examinations at the initiative of students or appointment cards from other healthcare organisations, are rendered at a charge, in accordance with the tariff, confirmed by the university inner local act.

Non-repayable medical examinations for students and staff are carried out in cases, which are statutorily required according to the lists and terms on the rector’s order.

For students there is carried out a non-repayable health improvement and treatment at a day hospital in the student’s polyclinic. The capacity of medical care at a day hospital treatment includes laboratory and diagnostic examinations, drug treatment. The length of treatment at the day hospital lasts 7 days; the treatment may be prolonged by the decision of health authorities. Curative services are performed on-the-study and also during weekends and holidays.

Non-payable medical examinations are carried out for full-time students within health monitoring.